Zermatt is probably the most picturesque town at the foot of the most famous mountain of the world, the Matterhorn. An exceptional place with great nature and world class facilities.

Zermatt is a world-famous summer and winter resort. While it is located on the foot of the world`s most photographed mountain – the Matterhorn, there are 38 4000 meter peaks accessible from the village.

The village is only accessible by a shuttle train from Täsch or by foot. Electric cars replaced horse carriages and are the principal mean of transportation. The Bahnhofsstrasse is the most important street passing several restaurants, bars and shops. To keep the street traditionally the inhabitants are only allowed to plant red and white geranium flowers on their balconies.

The Gornergrat train is a cog railway leading up to an altitude of 3089 meter. The summit offers spectacular views over the Monte Rosa massif. The Klein Matterhorn cable car top station is the highest cable car in Europe (40 meter higher than the Aiguille du Midi). The platform at 3883 meter offers panoramic views of the Matterhorn and summits of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps.

” There is nothing quite like climbing to the top of the Alps and looking down upon the earth. Everything in the world suddenly makes sense.”

There is nothing quite like climbing to the top of the Alps and looking down upon the earth. Everything in the world suddenly makes sense.”

The narrow Matterhorn valley is one of the 13 major valleys in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. Far at the end there is the village of Zermatt and the Monte Rosa massif. From Zermatt you are not far away from the Swiss-Italian borders and in the winter you can even ski internationally in Zermatt (CH) and Cervinia (IT). From Zermatt you can also admire the highest mountain of Switzerland the Monte Rosa. Since the end of the nineteenth century Zermatt can be accessed by the Matterhorn Gotthard train from Visp. A highlight is also the panoramic Glacier Express train connecting Saint Moritz and Zermatt on a spectacular route. The road between Täsch and Zermatt closed is not accessibly by car (only with special permit). This is why Täsch has several car parks and taxi shuttle companies.

Zermatt Matterhorn

The famous Bahnhofstrasse

The main pedestrian area of Zermatt follows the so called Bahnhofstrasse. Around the Bahnhofstrasse most of the shops and restaurants are located. The road is full of swissness and you can find the perfect matching souvenir. There are many sport equipment stores, restaurants and as well a range of luxury stores representing expensive brands such as Rolex. Of course you can’t leave Zermatt without visiting the Läderach Chocolate Shop. This finest Swiss-Made chocolate is out of this world and outshines everything else. Lately the alternative scene in Zermatt has been growing so next to the almost sterile luxury shops you can find pop-up stores or cafés with an interesting business model. All-in all, Zermatt has a bit of everything!

Hiking Trails, Cable Cars and world class Photoshoots

Zermatt is much more than shoppers paradise. The region offers an amazing infrastructure for many outdoor activities. Whether you want to enjoy the network of hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails, the amazing mountain bike flow trails or simply the great cable car infrastructure, Zermatt has the perfect thing for you. One thing is for sure, no matter what you do you’ll have an amazing view over the most famous mountains in Europe and one photo opportunity after another. Zermatt is the famous end point of the magnificent Haute Route hike but also one of the highlights on our Zermatt & Matterhorn long weekend trip.

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All year round
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Zürich / Geneva
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