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Follow our condition reports, and use our tips & tricks series to get properly prepared. You can also find informative articles about alpine culture, plants and wildlife.
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Tour du Mont Blanc Packing List

TMB Packing List In this guide, we’ll talk you through our Tour du Mont Blanc packing list. We’ll look at how necessary each item is, and we’ll give tips on how to pack your bag and make it lighter. All the information in this post comes from our local guides, who have hiked the Tour...

Hiking Snacks

Hiking Snacks What are the best hiking snacks? And what makes a good hiking snack, anyway?  A common question when preparing for a hike is what hiking snacks should I bring? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Author : Lauren is a BANT-Registered Nutritional Therapist Are hiking snacks necessary? Whilst a regular day at home...

Wolves in Chamonix

Wolves in Chamonix In 2020, the Chamonix valley lost a number of sheep to wolf attacks. Since then, wolves in Chamonix have become a hot topic. And despite various protective measures, they have not been put off. It seems they’re here to stay, and the community need to learn to live with them. We wanted...


TMB 2023 Conditions This post is dedicated to the TMB 2023 conditions. We’ll share our observations of the trails, and we’ll give you an overview of the weather so far. As the summer progresses, a lot of the observations will come from our guides’ reports, as they’re going around the Tour du Mont Blanc route....

What is a mountain refuge?

What is a mountain refuge? A mountain refuge makes high-altitude, mountain activities possible. They offer over-night accommodation, and are essential to activities such as hut-to-hut hiking and snowshoeing. They’re also used by mountaineers and skiers, as a way to access the high mountains (e.g. most people who climb Mont Blanc stay in a refuge). Mountain...

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