Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc

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€1200 per person
10 days
Mont Blanc Massif
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FRANCE-ITALY-SWITZERLAND Tour du Mont Blanc, self-guided.

A self-guided Tour du Mont-Blanc is perfect for hikers with good navigation skills, and enough experience to hike without a guide. A self-guided package allows you to hike at your own pace, and add any personal touches to the tour.
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What's included

Mont Blanc Massif Discover Mont Blanc Massif
Additional Information
Custom Add-Ons: We can arrange private accommodation, airport transfers and luggage transfers. The exact price will depend on your request. Route Variants and Number Of Days: The beauty of a self-guided package is that you can custom-make it to suit your needs and preferences. We will work with you to create the perfect route for your group.
Price includes
  • 24 Hour Helpline
  • 3 Star Hotel in Courmayeur
  • Accommodation (shared bedroom / dormitory)
  • Digital Guidebook
  • GPS Maps with GPX File
  • Half-Board (breakfast, 3 course dinner)
  • Reliable trail-updates from local guides
  • Support from a local team
Price does not include
  • Airport transfers
  • Equipment rental
  • Luggage Transfer (max. 15kg per unit)
  • Private Accommodation (twin / double)
  • Private expenses (souvenirs, drinks, etc.)
Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc

What is a Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc package?

By doing a self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc, you’ll be your own guide. This gives you the freedom to hike at your own pace, and to take route variants that might not be possible for a typical guided group. However, by booking a self-guided package, you will not be alone! We’ll provide you with a detailed digital guidebook, plus day-by-day GPS maps. We’ll book all your accommodation, and – of course! – you’ll be able to contact us at anytime. A self-guided package offers hassle-free hiking, with the safety-net of local, expert guides.

What’s included in a Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc?

Our standard self-guided packages include :

A digital guidebook

You’ll receive a Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc guidebook, created by our team of local guides. Within the guidebook, you’ll find :

      • detailed turn-by-turn descriptions
      • route-finding information
      • information about mountain safety
      • interesting facts about local flora, fauna and culture
      • descriptions of what views you can expect to see along the trail
      • information about where to eat, drink, and buy provisions
      • village guides

GPX Files

We’ll send you GPX Files for each stage of your Tour du Mont Blanc. You can download these onto your mobile phone, and then follow the GPS route.


We will book all your accommodation for you. The accommodation is in shared dormitories, plus one night in a 3 star hotel (Courmayeur). Some nights you’ll stay in remote mountain villages, with just a few simple shops. On other nights, you’ll stay in mountain refuges. Mountain refuges are special places. High up in the mountains, they’re only accessible by foot or helicopter. For more information about mountain refuges, read this post. If you’d prefer private accommodation, this can be arranged for 7 out of the 9 nights. The exact price changes from year to year, so we will discuss this with you when planning your tour.


The accommodation will provide breakfast in the mornings, plus a 3 course dinner in the evenings. The only accommodation that does not include dinner is the 3 star hotel in Courmayeur. However, this is an opportunity to explore the historic town and find your ideal Italian meal!

Support from our team of local guides

As we’re based year-round in the Chamonix valley, we will provide expert knowledge and in-person support. From May, we’ll publish reliable trail updates on our blog, and you can call our emergency number at any time. Ahead of your tour, we’ll also send you informative videos about what to pack, and what to expect from a self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc.

Customising a Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc package

If you have specific requests, we’ll work with you to tailor-make your self-guided package. If there’s a specific mountain refuge that you’d like to stay at, or if you want to sleep in private rooms, we can normally accommodate your requests without a problem. However, please note that accommodation on the Tour du Mont Blanc fills up very quickly, so whether we can accommodate your requests will depend on how early you book your tour.

About the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is one of the most famous long-distance hikes in the world. It weaves around the iconic Mont Blanc, passing through France, Italy and finally Switzerland. The route is around 170 kilometres (105 miles), with 10,000 metres of ascent. Some of the trails are rocky, and completing the route requires a basic level of fitness. A standard self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc takes 10 days to complete. Each day is around 15 – 20 kilometres (12 miles), with 1000 metres of ascent. Of course, if you’d prefer to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc in more or less time, we can adjust your route accordingly. The Tour du Mont Blanc is usually hiked between June – September. For information about the best time to do a self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc, read this post.

Believe it or not, there’s an annual ultra-marathon which follows the TMB route. The winners of the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc (UTMB) complete the whole route in less than 20 hours!

Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc Highlights

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is more than just a hike. Completing the circuit is a physical, once-in-a-lifetime achievement. It’s something you can be proud of! And by doing a self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc, you’ll have the freedom to hike at exactly your own pace.

Along the way, you’ll see a huge variety of plants and landscapes. From dark, damp forests, you’ll emerge into bright alpine meadows, full of colour and fragrance. Further up, you’ll reach the rocky, windy mountain passes, where only the most specialised plants can survive. Look carefully and you’ll notice different plants at different altitudes. You might even spot a precious gem, such as the Martagon Lily or the Black Vanilla Orchid. Listen out for the distinctive, high-pitched call of a marmot. And if you’re lucky, you might spot a herd of chamois, or an ibex perched on a rock.

A popular Tour du Mont Blanc highlight is, of course, the food! Because you’ll hike through three different countries, there are many local dishes to try. In your self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc guidebook, you’ll find information about our favourite local dishes, restaurants and cafes.

For more Tour du Mont Blanc highlights, read this post.

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Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc

€1200 per person
10 days
Mont Blanc Massif
Custom-Made Group Size

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